Artist from Vidor

Mariella Bortolamiol

Is a sweet lady that I have known for a few years, who can see in the simplicity of nature, and her surroundings, the wonders, and the essences of a fascinating world that sometimes we are unable to interpret and appreciate.

Mariella has had this passion for painting since she was a child, an artistic path that has developed over time. She found her muses in the flowers, in the sunny days, in the landscapes, in the starry sky, all this you will be able to appreciate in her paintings masterpieces of art that were painted in the quiet of the long Vidorese nights.

Mariella’s paintings offer the opportunity to take a magical journey into a surreal dimension, where the world of colors and its nuances fill the heart with unique and magical emotions.

Thanks to her passion and dedication to painting, Mariella has received prestigious national and international awards.

         Like, L’ARCAR DELL’ARTE                                                                                    – L ‘ERCOLE DI BRINDISI.
        – International Artistic Prize “IL MOSE” BY MICHELANGELO                           BUONAROTTI.
        -“In Rome, Quadrennial” LEONARDO DA VINCI.”
        – ARTISTS IN HISTORY (Ireland and Germany) and many other awards that certify that Mariella transmits her soul to us in every painting.

Mariella is a simple and humble person who I present to you with pride. I invite you to visit his website to learn more about his art.